Social Procurement

“Engineering your success” is more than just a tag line and extends beyond delivering reliable outcomes for our clients. It encompasses FMG Engineering’s commitment to achieving economic, social and environmental sustainability through mindful procurement and responsible business practices.

Working with a diverse range of Australian suppliers and subcontractors who share our commitment to a sustainable future ensures that we can support our clients’ social procurement objectives and actively contribute to creating a sustainable future.

To deliver on this commitment FMG Engineering promotes sustainable social procurement practices by:

  • Promoting local procurement
  • Providing learning, skilling and workforce participation opportunities
  • The generation of employment opportunities
  • Active community engagement
  • Real environmental responsibility
  • The creation of safe and fair workplaces.


Promoting local procurement

  • Actively engage local trades and sub-contractors
  • Source professional services, office supplies and catering requirements from locally owned companies
  • Expect our suppliers to be proactive in sourcing locally.


Providing learning, skilling and workforce participation opportunities

  • Regular on-site Materials and Compaction Testing workshops in conjunction with tertiary institutions
  • Extensive Under Graduate work experience program
  • “Thought Leadership” professional development sessions
  • Encourage active staff participation within industry groups.


The Generation of local employment opportunities

  • Australian owned, operated and staffed
  • Supporting our clients in achieving socially conscious employment goals
  • Expect our suppliers to be proactive in supporting the local workforce.


Community engagement

  • Engaging with the local business community to support the growth and sustainability of the industry
  • Respecting and engaging stakeholders
  • Supporting our client’s community engagement efforts
  • Actively supporting social enterprises such as – Hutt Street Centre, Variety, Habitat for Humanity and Junction Housing (as a Socially Responsible Business Partner) through regular fundraising and engineering support.



  • Sustainable, eco-conscious and socially aware engineering solutions
  • All suppliers, contactors, staff and clients are expected to comply with environmental management standards
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, internal recycling programs, with profits from bottle and can recycling donated to local charities
  • Minimisation of emissions, smaller vehicles where practical to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Conscious resource usage and reduction.


Safe & fair workplace

  • Promoting diversity and gender equality in the workplace and supply chain
  • All suppliers, contactors, staff and clients are expected to comply with WHS standards, industrial relations laws and promote secure employment
  • Fostering a workplace based on strong ethics and honesty, free from discrimination, harm, intimidation, harassment or fear.