The Human Face of FMG
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Brent Blanks | Board Member (Chair)

B.Arch. F.R.A.I.A. Principal – Heygrove Consulting & Projects

Brent has been a Board Member with FMG Engineering since 2004 / Chair since 2005.

Brent founded Heygrove Consulting & Projects in 2005 to utilize his lifelong experience which bridges his core professional training as an architect (during which time he developed and managed an international multi-disciplinary design practice) followed by ten years hands on experience managing complex major property developments.

Brent maintains a close interest and understanding of international trends in architectural design and project developments. He has worked with major property consultants and property developers on commercial and residential development projects.  As such, he has developed a precise understanding of the critical interplay between sound design, development costs, long term running and maintenance costs to develop economic and commercially efficient buildings. These principals are equally important in the value management of all other classes of development and underpin Brent's philosophy to building procurement. He is a strong advocate of team structures and the collaborative process of project delivery.