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Oliver Kelly | Farmer

You can take the man out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of man! Growing up on a farm in Ireland taught me to be practical and to get things done. I’ve continued the tradition and when we go to our community farm (not in Ireland!) our daughters have so much fun, especially when there are baby animals about! 

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Oliver Kelly | National Forensic Manager

Oliver is a Chartered Engineer with around 20 year’s professional experience in Ireland, the UK, the Middle East, and Australia. He has gained extensive experience in the structural engineering design and documentation of medium and high rise buildings, retail, institutional and stadia projects, and in leading multi-disciplinary teams.

Since joining FMG’s Forensic Division in 2011, Oliver has helped lead the team in forensic investigations, assessments, and expert reporting, of building defects and damage causation and associated rectification measures.