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Peter Paras | Golfer / Photographer

I enjoy everything about the game of golf. First and foremost it’s being with your mates and then it’s the challenges of the sport. This makes waking up early on a Sunday worthwhile. My priority - travelling with my family and capturing those special times. 

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Peter Paras | Principal Forensic Engineer

Peter is part of FMG Engineering's large team of experienced and highly regarded Forensic Engineers with expertise in Structural, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering. A Chartered Professional Engineer and Fellow of the institution of Engineers Australia, with 30 years of Structural and Civil Engineering consulting experience, including the structural design and documentation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. Forensic Investigations, Structural / Building Assessments, Damage Causation, Expert Reporting and Expert Witness for building disputes. Other experience has comprised general building inspections, assessment and providing structural and building advice to property/asset owners.