Engineering Survey

FMG Engineering Survey is a market leader in providing professional and cost effective surveying services. We offer an innovative approach to surveying and strive to maintain the highest standards. We have the latest technologies and are continuously improving our services.

Our surveyors have a solid reputation within the industry and are trained in occupational health and safety, and best practices. Their expertise has evolved from survey projects around Australia and Europe. Talk to FMG Engineering Survey about a complete package tailored to your survey and civil requirements.

Leading expertise in the fields of:

  • Feature and level surveys [RESCODE surveys] (show the location of buildings, services, and the topography (or fall) of the land and are used to assist in both the design stage and in the development of sites)
  • Setout surveys (used for construction and involve placing marks where structures such as buildings or roads are to be built)
  • Road and drainage setout
  • Factory/warehouse setout
  • As-constructed surveys [or asset recording] (used to locate buildings or services and demonstrates whether the construction has been built within the design parameters)
  • Asset recording of new sewer and water mains to ISO 9001 standards