Roy Marten Reserve

SITE  |  Roy Marten Reserve, Taperoo

CLIENT   Port Adelaide Enfield Council



The revitalization of the Roy Marten Reserve in Taperoo has tails wagging, with locals embracing the new recreational space and dedicated dog areas.

Existing stormwater & infrastructure limitations put our client’s budget at risk. Early engagement with the client by the FMG civil team allowed optimisation of the the designs, reducing the amount of physical infrastructure and associated works required - saving our client from excessive construction costs and reducing build time.

Staging of the project allowed our client to select different contractors for each stage therefore reducing costs.

Our client was able to re-invest these savings to increase the amenities in the reserve – increasing community satisfaction.

The surrounding community has greatly benefitted from the reconstruction of Roy Marten Park, with high public attendance most days of the week.

 Project Benefits

  • Soakage basins placed at the east end of the park removed the need to relocate services and disrupt residents – saving time, money and the local councils reputation with their constituents.
  • Multiple recreational zones including separate play spaces and dedicated dog areas have increased the usability of the site – promoting community activation.
  • Collaboration between the landscape architect, local council and FMG allowed risks and cost savings to be identified early – reducing stress and freeing up the budget for “big ticket” purchases.
  • Significant increase in amenity to the local community, including two dog parks, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs, play equipment and waterplay items for children (and adults) of various sizes, a halfcourt basketball court and BBQ facilities.
  • The facility was designed to incorporate the snake pit to the west of the site which is often used by sporting clubs for fitness training. The Roy Marten Reserve has an external footpath which is used by local runners and athletes.


Gerald Barrie, Project Lead

Jon North, Lead Modeller 

Anja Vingelis, Stormwater Engineer








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