At the project conception stage our -

Environmental specialists with expertise in soil, groundwater, surface water and occupational health can assist from early in the feasibility planning phase through to mine closure, with preliminary groundwater and surface water investigations and ongoing groundwater and surface water compliance monitoring to satisfy regulatory requirements. Specialist assistance can be provided in emergency response scenarios including fuel spillage and release, and the supervision of any related remedial works. Additional assistance can be provided with the preparation, implementation and auditing of construction and remedial management plans and advice pertaining to dust monitoring, wastewater and waste management.

Structural engineers have significant experience in designing and project managing construction of plant.

Civil engineering expertise is comprehensive and diverse enough to encompass airport civil works, campsite amenities, haul roads and rail roads, stormwater management and the design of retention ponds, tailings dams and waste rock embankments.

Geotechnical engineers can provide soil and erosion analysis and assess landform stability. In addition, our market leading geotechnical laboratory, Research House, provides on-site compaction testing during plant construction phases. In the case of the unforeseen, we have a dedicated forensic engineering team capable of performing expert investigations for remedial work and insurance claims.

At the end of the operations our environmental specialists and civil engineers will assure the best technical assistance with mine closure planning. 

Our comprehensive services also include

  • Land suitability assessment
  • Mine regulatory approvals
  • Materials testing
  • Geotechnical compliance
  • Compaction and quality control services
  • Industrial building design
  • Structural modifications to existing structures
  • Structural assessments
  • Footing systems for plant and machinery
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete design, including platforms, loading bays and pads
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Construction superintending
  • Project management